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Mass Market Appraisal

It is not feasible for the appraisal district to individually appraise every one of the 417,000 properties on the tax rolls. Instead they use a mass appraisal approach.

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The Appeals Process

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Informal vs. Formal Hearing

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Who We Are

Qualified real estate and property tax consultancy professionals with over a decade of experience and hundreds of transactions.

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Awesome results.

Committed to the ENTIRE appeals process

Transparency into progress of appeal

Summary of results achieved

Individual case attention


Longer Lasting

Formal Tax Protests achieve bigger, longer-lasting reductions

Less Work

Protax makes you specifically request a formal hearing

Formal Hearings

We always pursue formal hearings unless you tell us to accept an informal offer

Individual Expertise

Travis CAD uses mass appraisal, we use individual expertise

Don't pay a protest company for achieving the same thing each year.

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