How it works

This process involves using a base value for a buildable homesite in a given neighborhood, which is then adjusted for size, topography and special features (eg. view, waterfront). Structures on the property are then given a value which is based on age and quality of build as well as the presence or absence of special features such as a pool, patios, garages.

This process works relatively well for homogeneous smaller homes which have clear comparables on which to base the inputs. However for custom, larger homes or those with unusual features this process often produces very inaccurate values.

As an example, a downtown view currently only increases the value of a home in Rollingwood by around $150,000. However this is a binary number. Not all ''downtown views' are alike. There are homes on Stratford Dr with expansive views of the entire City from all rooms which should attract a much higher value. Equally there are 3 story homes which have a partial view from 1 room on the top level. however the premium is often applied equally.

How we work

Austin has a very diverse pool of Real Estate and values are hard to accurately estimate with such a blunt tool. The mass market appraisal process frequently ignores important differences.

Our work involves identifying the precise sources of value in comparable sales and appraisals to make our arguments. Once we break down these values we can present a coherent argument for an adjustment.