Due to the personalize time and attention each property receives we are not accepting anymore clients.

Complete the short form above. We will review your property holdings and email you back with documents for eSignature. This will include:
  • Appointment of agent notice which permits us to talk to Travis County Appraisal District on your behalf.
  • Our contract with you
  • A termination notice for any other protest companies that you may have engaged previously.
Once appraisal notices come out in April we will review the appraisal number. We will contact you and request any particular information you think germane to assessment of value. In particular we want to know about any adverse condition or state which might impact the value. Even if you do not have anything of this nature we will file a protest for you property. We will notify you when this has been done and post a copy of our protest on the website to show both the basis for our protest and the value we are requesting. Only in very rare cases will we advise that we do not think a protest should be filed, and we will only refrain from filing a protest after we have received your separate consent.
We will attend an informal hearing and discuss the value with the appraiser assigned to the case. We will not accept a settlement at this hearing unless you instruct us to do so. We will gather the evidence the Appraisal Board supplies and make it part of our work to review this prior to the formal hearing. We may contact you after this hearing if we feel we require specific evidence such as photographs or condition reports.
We will attend the formal ARB hearing and present an evidence based case for the reduction of your value. Once the ARB board has rendered its judgement we will post this to your account online and notify you of the result.
You will receive an invoice from us in June or July for our commission.
We will respond within 5 business days to your initial inquiry.
April 1st – Normal Deadline for Residential Tax Notices sent out
April 30th – Normal Deadline for filing residential protest (or 30 days from notice if later)
May 1st – June 30th – Normal Appeals Period
July 20th – Normal Date Appeal process must be finalized and value set.

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Due to the personalize time and attention each property receives we are not accepting anymore clients.

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